Minimal setup time. GDPR compliant.
No Database. Single file cms.

Everything is a Theme: It takes less than 5 minutes to turn any HTML site into a feature rich content machine.

Meet SingleCMS

SingleCMS provides you best of two worlds: Feature rich by still being dead simple.

Inline edit mode

No more time intense customer training and support calls. The WYSIWYG inline editor enables your customers to edit their content without adapting to a new confusing interface.

User management

In contrast to other flat file cms systems, SingleCMS is a multi user system. Your customers can work together on their website without interfering with each other.

Mobile friendly

All features of SingleCMS are working 100% on mobile devices. Your customers are able to change their content on their loved mobile devices.

Our values

Easy integration

You only have to upload a single file and add some "include"-statements to your
current design. You will be able to transform your current site in a matter of minutes.

Blazing fast

The flat file nature of SingleCMS makes page loading fast and you can concentrate
on more important things, than perfomance tweaking.

White-label solution

Your site, your brand! SingleCMS is a white-label solution, so your customers do
not get confused by different logos or interfaces.

Small requirements

Your web server only needs PHP to run SingleCMS. No hour long database setup or
node.js panicking.

You do not care about marketing info and just want to see the features?


All our plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee
Just send us an email, and we will refund 100% of your payment
No questions asked!

SingleCMS Full License
    • All SingleCMS features
    • One year premium support & updates
    • White-label solution
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Automatic backup
    • Automatic backup your clients data
    • Backup including assets and your html files
    • Peace of mind, as your clients will never again loose data

A SingleCMS license is valid for a single domain. Volume discounts available: Contact sales


We are constantly improving SingleCMS to provide you and your clients the best possible experience.





Media upload ✔

Automatic backup ✔

Feature to revert changes

Automatic update

...and a lot more ♥

Want to know what is going on right now? See our Changelog